When the dust cleared Bianca Andreescu had won the U.S. Open, at 19 in 2019

America like a pair of distressed jeans

Once again America suffers a low blow which no fighter could ever withstand. This time it was friendly fire from a most unlikely friend and ally, Canada. It came on a Saturday afternoon in the form of a thrilla in Manilla type of match between the lion hearted lioness and an unrelenting tigress. And when the dust cleared, an elated Bianca Andreescu lay in the middle of centre court at the US open, on her back, with crowds cheering, unable to realize what she had just done.
It was an epic battle to be sure. A war of two nations. A war carried out by two combattants who clearly could not be beaten. They were vicious in their attack. They were unwilling to suffer a loss. And in the end, the lioness had dug herself a hole too deep for any snake to crawl out of. All the same, she almost achieved the anachievable. A comeback which only a true psychic could ever imagine. Down 5-1 in games, the lioness Serena Williams delivered immesurable blows to the young tigress, which would have crippled the most agile competitor. But the tigress somehow kept her cool and outwaited the lioness. For it was just a question of time, before the lioness would falter. And falter she did. Finally. When the end was at hand. When the clock hit its mark. And the final blow had been delivered.
To be sure, there never seemed to be a doubt. The young Bianca exuded confidence with thundering ground strokes which would paralize the bewildered lioness, Serena. The lioness stormed back with a roar heard throughout the entire continent. But little Bianca held her ground. She dug in. She stood in defiance of the monster she faced. She drew her weapon, and hit one more winner. What more could Serena do? It seemed she had offered up and spent her best. And it wasn't good enough.
Defeat seemed inevitable, and it was. And when the dust cleared, like a true vanquished champion, ever graceful, humble and charming, Serena Williams surrendered. But it was obvious in her demeanor, that the battle was lost, but the war had just begun. For Serena will be back, and she will haunt the young lioness in her sleep . . . . until they meet again!

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